What The Last Leg Up In The Crypto Bull Market Could Look Like

What The Last Leg Up In The Crypto Bull Market Could Look Like

Crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken a beating since April local highs, calling into question if the once powerful bull market is over or not.

If it isn’t, a fractal discovered from the past market cycle forming this time around, could provide a roadmap for the last leg up of the current bull market. Here’s what that looks like if the trajectory continues to be followed and the fractal is accurate.

Boom & Bust: Bitcoin, Market Cycles, The Halving, And More

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All markets are cyclical and cryptocurrencies are no different, albeit moving at a much faster rate. The always on aspect of crypto also has sentiment phases alternating a lot more quickly.

For example, gold took nearly a decade of accumulation before a breakout into a new bull run, while Bitcoin tends to cycle every four years coinciding with its block reward halving.

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