What Is So Special About Bridge’s TRON-Based Oracle Network?

What Is So Special About Bridge’s TRON-Based Oracle Network?

The Bridge Oracle IEO, which sold out in six hours on September 15th on BW.com, kicks off the introduction of TRON network’s first Oracle System and has already led off excited chatter over the cryptosphere. What exactly led to Bridge being able to raise $8 million in a few hours?

To understand why exactly smart contract and blockchain proponents are getting so enthused about Bridge, this article explores the incredible potential for smart contracts in decentralizing trust, and the final piece of the puzzle that Bridge Oracle proposes.

Decentralizing the Web

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Since migrating to its native architecture in 2018, in two short years, the TRON protocol has been making headway into the emerging technology ecosystem, with its smart contract platform now recognized as one of blockchain’s leading lights. Its mission was a simple one: ushering in the age of the Third Web or Web 3.0, where the new web will enable people to use the Internet the way it

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