What is QAnon? What we know about the conspiracy theory

What is QAnon? What we know about the conspiracy theory

Much like COVID-19, QAnon has dominated the headlines in 2020, most recently after President Trump was asked to denounce the once-fringe conspiracy movement at a town hall event in Miami.

QAnon started as just a baseless conspiracy theory spouted in online posts by a shadowy figure named “Q” but has since exploded into a cultish fringe-right movement that’s been linked to crimes — including at least one murder — and is now deemed a potential domestic terror threat by the FBI.

Here’s a look at how QAnon began and its ascent into the mainstream.

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What is QAnon and how did it start?

In October 2017, an anonymous user named “Q Clearance Patriot” began posting conspiracy theories on seedy message board 4chan — with the messages now appearing on 8kun, a rebranded version of the shuttered 8chan message board.

“Q” claims to have insider knowledge of the Trump administration and touts the theory that the president is waging a secret

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