WHAT IS GOING ON? Ten Prominent People Killed or Murdered In Last 72 Hours!


I came across a really interesting video today.  

I had heard about 5 of these, but I didn’t know the full list of all ten.

Here’s the short story….ten prominent people are all dead (many killed) over a 72 hour period.


Chief’s of Police.

Rodhams (yeah, as in Hillary Rodham). 

What’s their connection?  

It’s not immediately clear, but to have 10 prominent people like this all drop dead in a 72 hour period certainly raises the spectre of inquiry!  

I’m no math expert, but I think any statistician would tell you when ten things happen like this all at the same time, the chances of it being “coincidence” are about the same as winning that $500 million lottery.

In other words, not gonna happen! 

The man in the video does a great job of breaking it all down, and I’m not making any accusations or claiming I know what’s going on — neither does

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