What is an 'ordinary Catholic,' anyway?

What is an 'ordinary Catholic,' anyway?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has said something really boneheaded.

Speaking to Senate Judiciary Committee member Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii who questioned Amy Coney Barrett during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Cuomo said of Barrett, “She does have an affiliation in a religious organization, which I think makes her different than most Catholics. I think that her faith is by design more central to her value system and her behavior and thoughts than it would be for just an ordinary Catholic who doesn’t belong to People of Praise.”

Take all the things about Barrett that the pundits, the press, and Democrats have been scrutinizing (her religious devotion, her personal views on abortion, her very large and interracial family, her obviously traditional values) and ascribe them a foundation. The opposition to abortion, the large family, the decision to adopt children — all of them have are rooted in and encouraged by well-established Catholic moral teaching. In fact, as

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