What I’m Reading This Summer So Far

What I’m Reading This Summer So Far

I have a bit of a book problem. So far we haven’t gotten to the point where I need an intervention — although my husband has said a few times in our 11-year marriage, “Let’s stop buying so many books for a while, okay, babe?” — but I do have to keep forcing myself to finish a stack before I get another, either from the library, book sales, or online. It’s a bit of a problem, and I do recognize it’s sometimes gluttonous.

I like to keep a lot of books going partly because I’m greedy and partly because exactly what kind of thing I want to read differs wildly by how I’m feeling at the moment. Some books are restful, some are work, and some are frightening. I can’t read the scary or hard-work books right before bed, for example, or they will keep me awake.

Anywho, many people have a bit extra time over the summer to

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