WH Revokes Bloomberg News’ Press Credentials Over Refusal To Investigate 2020 Dems


Since Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg joined the 2020 presidential race, his news outlet announced that they will not be investigating him or any other Democrat candidates for that matter.

However, they will still be investigating (and writing hit pieces on) President Trump.

That sound like fair and unbiased reporting to you?

Team Trump sure didn’t think so.

In a statement, Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale announced that in response to the troubling decision by Bloomberg News, the media company’s press credentials will be revoked, at least until they reverse their decision.

The Trump campaign is revoking press credentials for Bloomberg News employees in response to its “troubling and wrong” decision to not investigate 2020 Dems. https://t.co/6BKxowHBzx

— CNBC Politics (@CNBCPolitics) December 2, 2019

Trump Campaign Won’t Credential Bloomberg News Reporters Until It Restarts Investigating 2020 Democrats https://t.co/bgcanVEFJw

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) December 2, 2019

Read the full statement from Parscale on

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