Western Nations Scramble To Protect Universities From American Leftism

Western Nations Scramble To Protect Universities From American Leftism

For the past several decades, left-leaning professors and administrators in the United States have gradually achieved dominance within the ivory tower of academia. 

In the 1952 presidential election, 30% of professors cast their ballots for Republican candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower. By the 2020 election, however, Democrat professors outnumbered Republicans by at least 9 to 1 in terms of voter registration, and donated to Democrats over Republicans at a ratio of 95 to 1.

This trend has clear effects on America’s ideological landscape. As the Wall Street Journal observed, Republicans won 76 out of the 100 counties with the largest share of college graduates in the 1980 general election. In 2020, Republicans carried only 16 of the most-educated counties.

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Since the death of George Floyd in May of 2020, academics’ endorsement of ideologies like critical race theory and intersectionality reached a fever pitch. William Jacobson — a professor at Cornell Law School — documented the recent proliferation of curricula driven

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