Wen Doggcoin? Snoop Dogg hints at future token offering

Wen Doggcoin? Snoop Dogg hints at future token offering

Dogecoin (DOGE) proponent and media personality Snoop Dogg has said he hopes to release his own cryptocurrency in the future.

In a Vanity Fair interview released on Friday, Snoop said his recent non-fungible token, or NFT, offering through Crypto.com will likely not be his only contribution to the crypto space. Citing parallels between Dogecoin and his own professional name, the rapper said journalist Nick Bilton was “damn right” in predicting a Snoopcoin or Doggcoin one day.

“Is d-o-g-g similar to d-o-g-e?” asked Snoop.

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The entertainment icon already has his own version of tokens as NFTs through Crypto.com, though the offering is a tokenized version of artwork featuring “Snoop Dogge coins” rather than a true cryptocurrency. The NFTs have a picture of a dog on one side of three gold coins and a recording of Snoop saying he is “all about those Snoop Dogge Coins, dog.” At the time of publication, users have purchased roughly 3,000 editions of the NFT.

That Snoop Dogge is

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