‘Wen $DIGG?’ Badger DAO preps for hotly anticipated synthetic BTC launch

‘Wen $DIGG?’ Badger DAO preps for hotly anticipated synthetic BTC launch

The launch of Badger DAO’s DIGG, a synthetic rebasing asset meant to track the price of Bitcoin, is one of the most eagerly anticipated product releases in recent DeFi memory — but the person most excited to see DIGG hit the market might not be a trader, but instead Badger DAO founder Chris Spadafora himself. 

According to community-minded Spadafora — who would be quick to note that he doesn’t care for the “founder” label despite its technical truth — anticipation for the launch has led to more than one ‘badgering’ inquiry directed at him on Twitter.

“You’ve probably seen it… ‘When $DIGG, when $DIGG’ — it’s constant,” Spadafora sighed.

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For all the excitement, however, the exact date of the launch is still unknown. In an interview with Cointelegraph Tuesday, Jan. 5, Spadafora said DIGG was set for release “within a few days.” However, on a Friday community call, he pushed that timeline back, saying users could expect DIGG “sometime

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