Wednesday | October 6th, 2021

Wednesday | October 6th, 2021

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1) FBI To Investigate School Board Meetings

The Topline: On Monday, Attorney General Merrick Garland ordered the FBI to investigate an alleged “increase in harassment, intimidation and threats of violence” against school board members and teachers.

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Over the summer, a surge of parents attended school board meetings to argue against mask mandates and controversial content in classrooms, including Left-wing racial ideology and pornographic content.

Biden Administration

A few days ago, the National School Boards Association (NSBA) demanded the Biden administration get involved in investigating those who’d attended some of the more rowdy school board meetings, claiming there had been a rise in “malice, violence, and threats,” which they said could constitute “a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” 

The NSBA cited over 20 incidents as examples, though all but one of them were examples of parents becoming loud and angry without actual threats or intimidation. 


Many on the Left, including those who support mask mandates and political content with elements of critical race theory in classrooms are applauding the move, but those on the other side are saying this is the Biden administration attempting to control dissent.

What Now?

The FBI is likely going to empower local officials to crack down on dissenting parents and pursue investigations. 

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2) Judge Considers Texas Abortion Lawsuit 

The Topline: The Justice Department argued against a new abortion measure on Friday, after they sued the state of Texas over its recent pro-life law. 

The Lawsuit

The federal government essentially sued the state of Texas, saying they’d acted unconstitutionally by enacting a law banning abortion before viability. 

The lawsuit argued the new law “conflicts with federal law” by “purporting to prohibit federal agencies” from carrying out their responsibilities. 

The Law: The new Texas “heartbeat law” effectively outlaws abortion once fetal cardiac activity can be detected, which is typically around six weeks of pregnancy. It also allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and people who “aid and abet” illegal procedures.

The Hearing

On Friday, Judge Robert Pitman of a U.S. District Court in Texas heard arguments from lawyers from the state and from the Justice Department regarding the lawsuit. 

The judge reportedly questioned the Justice Department on the details of whether it’s able to sue a state directly in order to stop one

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