‘We Will Remember What They Try To Cancel:’ New Database Quantifies Campus Cancel Culture

‘We Will Remember What They Try To Cancel:’ New Database Quantifies Campus Cancel Culture

Documenting hundreds of doxxed professors, postponed student events, and torn-down statues, the College Fix’s new database quantifies how cancel culture affects college campuses. The publication’s “Campus Cancel Culture Database” chronicles attempted or confirmed cancellations across campuses, detailing assaults on freedom of speech, religious freedom, controversial political ideas, and more.

“We want to remember what they’re trying to cancel. We want to document it, chronicle it,” said Jennifer Kabbany, editor-in-chief of the College Fix. “We don’t want to let them be successful in their cancellations — we’re going to make sure it’s remembered that this stood here once.” 

Have you taken a look at our Campus Cancel Culture Database yet?https://t.co/IGP9Bba2Ub pic.twitter.com/JwGjpBH8SW

— The College Fix (@CollegeFix) September 30, 2021

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The crowdsourced database organizes cancellations by specifying the date and college or university involved, and can be narrowed by genre, Confederate and non-Confederate items, and if the incident was canceled or protested. It lists more than 650 cancelations and 750 attempted cancelations — including guest speakers who have been protested or disinvited from campuses and students and professors who have been chastised or banned for conservative opinions.

Although the database spans a decade and tracks more than 1,400 canceled targets, the project began with one goal in mind: Memorializing art lost to cancel culture.

“You have heard about all the art we’ve lost, but what about all the statues we’ve lost and what about the guest speakers who have been canceled and what about all the honorary degrees that have been revoked,” Kabbany said. “What about the student events that have been shut down? The project spiraled, because when you start to think about everything that has been targeted, censored, disinvited, and canceled on campus, it’s never-ending. The list goes on and on.”

The list does go on — to the tune of hundreds of cancelations from hundreds of universities. From banned movies and books to protested conservative speakers to revoked building names, Kabbany said there was no shortage of cancellations to add. Although the College Fix chose to focus on cancel culture in higher education, the team was overwhelmed by just how deeply this dynamic went.

“We wanted to own the higher education space — this is our wheelhouse. This is what we specialize in focusing on, what’s going on in colleges and universities, so we wanted to own this space and cover it to the best of

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