Watch: Woman Barely Escapes Alleged Stalker Who Followed Her Home

Watch: Woman Barely Escapes Alleged Stalker Who Followed Her Home

Being stalked is many women’s worst nightmare and a reality for far too many. Those who want to protect themselves — especially in crime-ridden areas — tend to keep their wits about them, carry some kind of deterrent and get training in self-defense.

One recent video that is creeping out many viewers has been shared by the New York Police Department in the hopes that someone will recognize the man and come forward to identify him.

The incident took place around 2:00 a.m. on Sept. 23 at a Claremont Village apartment in the Bronx.

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According to WABC-TV, the video shows a 50-year-old woman hurrying to her apartment door, quickly unlocking it and slamming it shut right as her follower races up to her door.

If she’d taken a moment longer, she would have been in serious trouble.


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The man, wearing a white tank top and jeans, tests the doorknob and rings the doorbell before walking away.

The suspect is now wanted for attempted burglary, according to the Daily Mail.

The publication also noted that crime statistics for the area show a disheartening trend, with September showing robberies up 6 percent, assaults up 18.5 percent and overall crime increasing by 2.6 percent.

Many commented on the video to voice their concern over the scenario and share what they do to keep themselves safe.

“My blood just turned cold THAT IS SO SCARY these men are so dangerous out here now he knows where she lives though,” one viewer wrote. “And it’s illegal to have mace in nyc how do you protect yourself?”

“Many of you women NEED to start carrying knives or pepper spray,” another person commented.

Some also commented to say the way the suspect acted indicated familiarity, and it looks like he mouths the word “babe” as he rings the doorbell.

“It looks as if they may have known each other,” a commenter wrote. “Why would he ring the bell? Still, people get hurt or worse by ones they personally know all the time. Glad she got in her apartment safely.”


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Hopefully with the video circulating — and perhaps a print pulled from the doorbell — police will be able to locate

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