WATCH: WHY Is A Recount Happening In Arizona?

WATCH: WHY Is A Recount Happening In Arizona?

It’s official everyone.

The Maricopa County audit is NOT done. According to Mark Finchem, this recount will be done so that there is no uncertainty as to the results.

Liberals and Democrats are going to attack the Maricopa County report from all sides once it comes out, and The Arizona State Senate hopes that this will leave no room to falsify the report.

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I wonder what exactly it is they found in the audit, and if it will go a long way in exposing the fraud which occurred in the 2020 election, but until the report comes out we just don’t know.

Until then, here are the updates on Arizona’s audit:

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem explains why Senate Republicans are conducting a recount.

— Election Wizard (@ElectionWiz) July 11, 2021

Arizona is now using a machine to recount ballots (much quicker than the first two counts in the audit).

The first two counted vote

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