WATCH: 'Underlying Racism': Fan Throws Bottle at Nets' Kyrie Irving

WATCH: 'Underlying Racism': Fan Throws Bottle at Nets' Kyrie Irving

A Celtics fan chucked a water bottle at Nets star Kyrie Irving as he was leaving the floor Sunday night, becoming the latest in a series of incidents between fans and players.


Water bottle nearly hits Kyrie Irving as he walks to the locker room following Game 4 in Boston.

— YES Network (@YESNetwork) May 31, 2021

The incident occurred as Irving was making his way off the floor after scoring 39 points and leading the Nets to victory.

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“It’s unfortunate that sports has come to this kind of crossroads,” Irving explained, “where you are seeing old ways come up … underlying racism and treating people like they are in a human zoo.”

The fan was led away in handcuffs. Irving stomped on the Celtics logo at midcourt shortly before the bottle was thrown.

Kyrie appeared to step on the Boston logo as

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