WATCH: U.S. Has Been Tracking U.F.Os For 70 Years

WATCH: U.S. Has Been Tracking U.F.Os For 70 Years

This right here has to take the cake for “we told you so.”

We are constantly told that a great many things we believe to be true are nothing more than ‘baseless conspiracy theories,’ and the U.F.O cover up has been one of the longest running theories which has always been ridiculed.

That is until the blistering reports which came out 3-4 years ago in the mainstream media……

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According to the newest reports on U.F.Os, The U.S. Government has been tracking these things for 70 years.

Thats right. You read that correctly, all those people who have claimed throughout the decades that The U.S. has been covering up the existence and investigation of these things was right on the money.

Now, I am not saying that it is definitely other worldly, but let this sink in: our military has been investigating these objects since 1950.

We have no idea where they come from, or so we are told, and

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