WATCH: Tim Pool Calls Out ‘Lying Liars’ In Legacy Media

WATCH: Tim Pool Calls Out ‘Lying Liars’ In Legacy Media

“How many times does someone have to lie to you before you call them a liar?” podcaster and independent journalist Tim Pool asks in a recent PragerU video.

Pool goes through several prominent cases of mainstream media outlets misrepresenting major national news stories, and suggests that said organizations do not deserve the blanket trust that some Americans still give them.

He specifically cites the Michael Brown shooting in 2014, where media portrayed Brown as a ‘gentle giant’ who was shot by a racist police after pleading for his life with the famous — and fictitious — line “hands up, don’t shoot!”.

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In reality, Brown had just robbed a convenience store and had violently assaulted officer Darren Wilson, punching him and reaching for his gun. A local grand jury

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