WATCH: Tim Allen Discusses PC ‘Thought Police’


In an appearance on “The View” on Monday, comedian and actor Tim Allen addressed how the politically correct “thought police” have influenced how he approaches his stand-up comedy in recent years.

Allen, whose popular right-leaning show “Last Man Standing” was famously canceled by ABC in 2017 despite excellent ratings, sparking allegations of political bias on the part of the network, brought up the “thought police” after co-host and fellow comedian Joy Behar asked him about how he handles the “PC culture” that is so strongly influencing comedy these days.

“So what do you think now?” asked Behar. “I mean it’s a little bit different now — there’s a PC culture out there [that] makes it really hard. I think my act, if I brought that old act back, I’d be driven out of town.”

Allen responded by saying he grew up watching comedians Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor. “You can’t even go back and talk about the book he

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