WATCH: The Latest Messages And Updates On General Flynn

WATCH: The Latest Messages And Updates On General Flynn

General Flynn just hit it on the nose.

We The American People are at a crossroad, and we have to make a dire decision. Do we just roll over and let these Socialists take over? Or do we reclaim America and reassert our values?

Many people are talking about this. They’re talking about how they see the slow creep of socialism in our government, in the media, in our schools, and finally in the minds of our youth.

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The youth are far more socialist today than they were in 1950, and not a single person can deny that.

Free college, free healthcare, free, free, free, but as we all know: nothing is free. Freedom isn’t even free.

Here is General Flynn’s latest wakeup call to America:

General Flynn says the hard left is working overtime trying to destroy the Constitution and our constitutional republic.

Full video:

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@AKA_RealDirty) April

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