WATCH: Students Agree: LeBron Hypocritical For Criticizing Police

WATCH: Students Agree: LeBron Hypocritical For Criticizing Police

First asked whether they agreed with NBA star Lebron James’ perspective that the entire police system needed to be reformed, students at the University of Florida agreed, but when they were subsequently enlightened that James had reportedly in the past used “police for private security” and “had an entire police escort block off traffic for him to go to a Jay-Z concert,” they agreed that James had exhibited hypocrisy in his criticism of police.

Campus Reform correspondent Leana Dippie went to the University of Florida, where she stated to some students, “So, recently a lot of celebrities have come out saying the police system need drastic reform. LeBron James has said that, the entire system is problematic and needs reform, Do you agree with his comments?”

Some answers included:

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Yeah, I think that’s really true. Honestly, that they need reform, I agree with that.


I definitely think it needs work; I definitely think it needs reform.

Obviously I can’t speak to the struggles of people

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