WATCH: Stacey Abrams Is Still Promoting Unfounded Claim That Her Election Was ‘Stolen’


Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams continued to promulgate her longstanding claim that her 2018 election was “stolen” because of voter suppression.

“I think the election was stolen from the people of Georgia,” Abrams said on Sunday while appearing on MSNBC’s “American Swamp.”

“I don’t know that empirically, I would have won,” she continued. “But if you add together the thousands of people who faced extraordinary long lines, who faced hurdles that should not happen in a democracy, the votes that we know were not counted, the secretary of state who was also my opponent in the race purged more than 1.4 million voters over basically an eight-year period.”

Abrams and her campaign have been routinely accusing now-Republican Gov. Brian Kemp of racist voter suppression going back even prior to Election Day. Kemp, however, handily won the statewide election by more than 55,000 votes.

Following Abrams’ loss, she appeared regularly on cable news shows and delivered countless speeches repeating

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