WATCH: President Trump:” 1776 NOT 1619″!

WATCH: President Trump:” 1776 NOT 1619″!

Critical race theory NEEDS to go.

I have never seen anything more racist in my entire life. This idea that all white people need to suffer some collective guilt for the sins of the father is racist, evil, and similar ideologies have been seen before in Soviet Russia.

President Trump has always been on the front lines of fighting these communists who pretend to be guardians of civil rights, and now he is back again, front and center, to fight against critical race theory in our public schools.

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I think he is spot on, we desperately need to defund CRT, and we need to fully defund any public university that teaches this kind of garbage—NOT just punish K-12 schools.

NO public university running on the public dime should be the instrument of national suicide, and if you ask me it all starts at the universities.

Where else did all these public school ‘teachers’ get their zany ideas from? We need to cut

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