WATCH: ‘Pound Sand’: DeSantis Issues Election Integrity Proposals

WATCH: ‘Pound Sand’: DeSantis Issues Election Integrity Proposals

On Friday, in a blunt assessment of the situation, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis issued an election integrity proposal that would ensure fair voting in his state.

That proposal included the following provisions, as delineated by Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze:

Counties would be prohibited from receiving grants from private third-party organizations for “get out the vote” initiatives. Ballot boxes would be examined for their trustworthiness Ballot harvesting would be checked so that no one could have a ballot other then their own or their immediate family Vote-by-mail ballots could not be sent en masse; only voters asking for a ballot would receive one Vote-by-mail requests must be made each election year Vote by mail ballot signatures must match the most recent signature on file Political parties and candidates must be permitted to observe the signature matching process. Supervisors of Elections must report how many ballots have been requested, how many have been received, how many are left to be counted,

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