Watch Mike Lindell’s Full Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Watch Mike Lindell’s Full Interview With Jimmy Kimmel

Did you catch Mike Lindell’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel?

In case you didn’t, here’s how it went.

The interview started off light with Kimmel saying we were supposed to do this interview in the bed together but the Covid people said..”

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Before Kimmel finished Mike immediately spoke up and said “you got rules here in California” which honestly got a good laugh out of me.

The interview became more serious when Lindell promoted his book about how he overcame crack cocaine addiction and even gave God glory for his deliverance from all his addictions.

I’m sure the liberal producers were trembling!

Kimmel immediately then tried to gain laughs from the crowd by saying both Lindell and Hunter Biden have a lot in common.

Mike then went on to talk about evidence he has received regarding the fraud that took place in the 2020 election but Kimmel tried to act as if Lindell’s previous crack addiction is causing him to

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