WATCH: Liz Cheney Criticizes Democrats For Not Representing The Needs Of Their Own Constituents


House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney criticized her Democratic House colleagues on Tuesday for shirking their constitutional responsibilities in their pursuit of impeaching President Donald Trump.

“I know our members come back energized for having spent the work period with constituents who themselves are very energized and recognize the stakes that we’re facing here,” Cheney told reporters during the Republican leadership’s weekly briefing. “And I would say that is a significant contrast to where the Democratic caucus is and the extent to which you have had particularly the Democratic members in vulnerable seats who have a huge disconnect between what their constituents want, why their voters sent them to Washington, and what is happening here with the Democratic caucus.”

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“You’ve got members who went home — who are Democrats — who promised they were going to bring jobs back, who promised they were going to work across the aisle, who promised they were going to find common

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