WATCH: Joe diGenova Risks It ALL, Says He Believes Comey And Brennan Are Going To JAIL


Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova joined Laura Ingraham on her show the Ingraham Angle on Tuesday evening to talk about the recent move by Attorney General Bill Barr who appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham to look into how the Trump-Russia investigation started.

Joe diGenova slammed those involved with the origins of the Russia investigation and specifically mentioned that fired FBI director James Comey and former CIA chief John Brennan should lawyer up.

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Joe diGenova: This is very serious business. For the first time I believe some of these guys are going to prison… Let me tell you something, Horowitz has already concluded that the final three FISAs were completely illegal. He’s now on the brink of finding that the first FISA was completely illegal. Durham has already used a grand jury in Connecticut. They’ve already gotten documents. He’s already talked to the intel people.

Laura Ingraham: How long has this been

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