Watch Jeff Bezos’ ‘Blue Origin’ launch into space live today

Watch Jeff Bezos’ ‘Blue Origin’ launch into space live today

Jeff Bezos is taking the billionaire space race to the next level.

The world’s richest man will set off for the edge of space Tuesday morning on his company Blue Origin’s first commercial flight.

The all-civilian crew is expected to shoot up into the Earth’s atmosphere from a launch site in Texas — and go about 13 miles beyond where rival Richard Branson flew with his company Virgin Galactic last week.

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Here’s what you need to know about Jeff Bezos’ trip to space:

When is Jeff Bezos going to space?

Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft is scheduled to blast off at 9 a.m. ET from a launch site in Van Horn, Texas, though weather or technical glitches could delay the launch.

Who’s joining him on ‘Blue Origin’?

The unlikely crew of soon-to-be astronauts include both the oldest and the youngest people ever to go to space.

At 82, trailblazing aviator Wally Funk would be the oldest, fulfilling a lifelong

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