WATCH: In Democrat Chicago, Women “Twerk” On Police SUV

WATCH: In Democrat Chicago, Women “Twerk” On Police SUV

In Democrat cities such as Chicago, respect for the police has sadly eroded.

The Chicago Police issued a vote of no confidence against Mayor Lori Lightfoot back in May.

From a viral video circulating from the weekend, you can see why the Chicago Police can’t count on their Mayor for protection.

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In a blatant disrespect for our police, over the weekend in Chicago, a group of women were “twerking” on a police SUV.

We have the video that immediately went viral on YouTube and Twitter:

Looks like the Chicago Police Department's emphasis on "positive community interactions" is taking off! Great to see!

— CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) June 5, 2021

And they say patriots are the terrorists?

Where is the leadership in Chicago condemning this behavior?

Naturally, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is silent on the incident.

Newsweek has more on this story:

A viral video showing three women twerking on top of

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