Watch: Hillary Clinton Mimics Trump Taking Orders on 'Secret Phone Call with Vladimir'


Appearing Wednesday at The New York Times’ DealBook conference, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mimicked President Donald Trump on a “secret phone call” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Trump, Clinton said, “He could care less about corruption in Ukraine — what he wants is dirt on Joe Biden whether it’s real or not. In fact, from everything we know, it’s not.”

She continued, “The whole thing is so ridiculous that then they would be trying to number one not only put something on Joe Biden, which from everything we know is absolutely untrue, but try to prove that it wasn’t Russia that interfered in the 2016 election, it was little Ukraine.”

She added, “I do live rent-free in Donald Trump’s head, I’m aware of that. But even for that, it’s hard to imagine how they could be sitting around at, you know, the golf club or whatever and say, “Oh we gotta prove

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