Watch: Hero Officer Saves Infant Locked Inside Hot SUV

Watch: Hero Officer Saves Infant Locked Inside Hot SUV

Leaving a baby or animal in a car when it’s hot out is not always an act of intentional disregard. There are still those people who make very poor judgment calls, and it’s easy to lambast them for their carelessness, but time and again, well-meaning parents have lost their children when their routines are shifted or they think someone else is caring for the baby.

Sadly, in either case, the intention doesn’t matter and the result is tragically the same — but the latter instance is much more haunting because it could happen to any of us.

In August, one such instance allegedly took place when a good Samaritan in Duncanville, Texas, spotted a baby left in a hot car. The good Samaritan reported the baby appeared to be sleeping, which was even more concerning.

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By the time Officer Christian Pinilla arrived on the scene, the baby was crying —

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