Watch– Feminist Speaks Against Transgender Ideology: 'I Will Not Submit'


Feminists must escape from the sexual and political abuse inflicted by the men who dominate the transgender ideology, a feminist author declared Tuesday at a demonstration outside the Supreme Court.

“A man can never be a woman,” Natasha Chart told the crowd and the cameras. “A lesbian can never be male … I will not be forced to lie, I will not submit,” she said.

She spoke from a stage where her broad alliance of feminists, lesbians, and conservatives explained their shared political opposition to the transgender ideology.

Their anti-transgenderism speeches were delivered as several lawyers for the transgender movement told the Supreme Court judges that the government must embrace transgenderism. That ideology demands that the government outlaw any legal or civic recognition of the complementary sexual and biological differences between legally equal men and women.

Chart, a feminist writer at, used her speech to urge other feminists to

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