Watch: Eric Swalwell Compares Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden

Watch: Eric Swalwell Compares Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden

Rep. Eric Swalwell, do you remember Gary Condit? Even though you were only 20 when he achieved infamy, congressman, you could probably learn a lesson from your fellow Californian.

Condit, for those of you who forgot, was a California Republican representative who confessed to having an affair with intern Chandra Levy, who disappeared in 2001.

Throughout that summer, the country followed the sordid affair with bated breath, partially because Condit was evasive in public and partially because it was clear Levy was almost certainly dead.

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To make his situation worse, in late August, the congressman made the mistake of giving an interview to Connie Chung that was so shockingly bad that everyone assumed that he’d killed Levy, absent any evidence to that effect.

Then August turned to September 2001, a month in which our country endured its greatest tragedy since Pearl Harbor. Amid 9/11 coverage, no one cared about Gary

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