WATCH Elon Musk: ‘AI Poses Civilizational Risk’

WATCH Elon Musk: ‘AI Poses Civilizational Risk’

Elon Musk recently participated in a closed-door meeting with other big tech and industrial giants.

The billionaire has long warned of the potential dangers of artificial generalized intelligence. Such an AI would differ from the small, isolated artificial intelligence and language models that we all know today.

For example, the most popular of these initiatives, ChatGPT-4, is merely a large language model—it can’t do much besides write when prompted and produce code. ChatGPT-4 can’t turn off your bank account or launch nuclear missiles.

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Similarly, the AI that now powers many online search engines cannot do much besides function in a narrow, pre-defined niche like generating text responses or images.

Artificial generalized intelligence can function across domains and theoretically gain sentience or self-awareness and become an

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