WATCH: Dog Swipes Reporter's Microphone on Live Television

WATCH: Dog Swipes Reporter's Microphone on Live Television

A viral video shows a Golden Retriever grab a microphone out of a reporter’s hand recently while she was live on camera, the Khaleej Times reported Sunday.

Russian Mir TV reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina was on-air sharing news about spring weather in Moscow when the dog approached her, the outlet said.

“Spring has arrived in Moscow, the temperature will be 8 degrees Celsius, nine degrees Celsius,” she reportedly said moments before the canine interrupted.

The video clip showed the dog come out of nowhere and jump up to snatch the green and blue microphone away.

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He then turned and ran in the opposite direction as Serezhkina followed and repeatedly called out to him.

“The studio anchor, Elina Dashkueva, suppresses a smile before quickly explaining that they had lost the connection and cutting to another story,” the Times article read.

The news outlet eventually returned to Serezhkina, who finished her report

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