WATCH: Democrat Hypocrisy On Political Violence

WATCH: Democrat Hypocrisy On Political Violence

I have never seen so much hypocrisy in my life.

Democrats and leftists are accusing a man who is nothing short of excellent of the hate-filled rhetoric and mob violence they are all guilty of.  

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These people all think we have short attention spans.

Did they forget this summer of endless rioting?

What about the violent rhetoric and demonstrations that have been going on now for over four years?

Take a look at the hypocrisy on display:

Democratic leaders need to be held accountable for inciting insurrection this past summer & fall. Their words caused death, destruction, assault on police, & fear in innocent people. The same thing they are trying to cancel Trump for. They should be canceled too!!!

— Gut (@ScreaminReelz) February 12, 2021

Fox News reported: 

The legal team for former President Donald Trump makes their opening arguments in his

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