WATCH: Crowd Cheers As DeSantis Torches Democrat Challenger

WATCH: Crowd Cheers As DeSantis Torches Democrat Challenger

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was greeted with cheers on Wednesday during a press conference when he slammed the state’s Democrat Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who announced this week that she is going to try to unseat DeSantis in next year’s gubernatorial election despite being a heavy underdog.

“With Nikki Fried now getting into the race to oppose you, do you expect a kind of escalation in the cultural wars?” a reporter asked DeSantis.

“Here’s what I’d say, you know, Nikki Fried has done nothing in office, she does nothing,” DeSantis said. “All she does is a emote on social media, virtue signal to small-dollar donors in California and New York.”

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“She put her face, spent millions of dollars, to put her face on every gas pump across this state purely to boost her own image at your expense as a taxpayer,” DeSantis continued. “She’s a lockdown lobbyist. She would have had our kids locked out of school the whole year. She

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