WATCH: Criminal Justice ‘Reform’ Doesn’t Necessarily Mean ‘Better’

WATCH: Criminal Justice ‘Reform’ Doesn’t Necessarily Mean ‘Better’

In the latest five-minute video for PragerU, Manhattan Institute fellow Rafael Mangual talks about “progressive prosecutors” and their failure to deter crime in America’s largest cities.

Mangual explains that “the role of the prosecutor is to pursue justice” — namely, by enforcing the laws passed by the representatives of the people. Enforcing the law discourages future crimes, while also providing some degree of solace to its victims.

“This is the basis of civil society,” says Mangual. “But over the last several years, a growing number of American cities have elected prosecutors who are deemphasizing enforcement.”

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In the interest of “reform,” many prosecutors selectively uphold the law. “Their motive, seemingly well-intentioned, is that criminals do better when they’re not incarcerated — that many people who are in jail shouldn’t be there because they don’t present a danger to society.”

In Boston, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins stopped prosecuting crimes like trespassing, stealing less than $250, destruction of property, and drug possession with the

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