WATCH: CBS Producer Blames Trump For Mass Protests In Cuba

WATCH: CBS Producer Blames Trump For Mass Protests In Cuba

A CBS producer claimed that the Trump administration’s policies led to the current protests in Cuba. 

“The Trump administration passed many more regulations, many more sanctions against it, which basically has cut off all income coming into Cuba,” asserted Portia Siegelbaum, a CBS News producer based in Cuba. “I think that the Biden administration at least said at the beginning he was going to review this policy and make changes, but nothing has happened.”

.@CBSThisMorning tries to blame the Trump administration for Cuba’s crumbling economy

— Kyle Drennen (@kjdrennen) July 12, 2021

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In a January article, Siegelbaum again blamed the Trump administration for COVID-19 outbreaks on the island and denounced his decision to name Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism:

But the pandemic hit the island as the Trump administration pursued a no-holds-barred policy intended to wipe out advances in relations made under former President Barack Obama. Monday’s announcement that Cuba will be added to the terrorism sponsors list — a dubious distinction

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