Watch: Bolt of Lightning Strikes Boat, Creates Wild Scene that Stuns Onlookers


The power of God in creation is revealed in many ways. From nature’s might to its beauty, we are reminded of the infinite depth and majesty of God in the making of our amazing universe.

In Massachusetts on Saturday, Harry Minucci got an exceedingly rare opportunity to observe this power in an up-close and personal way.

Probably so up-close it was uncomfortable — maybe even terrifying.

Minucci was watching a storm roll across the South Boston bay when he pulled out his camera. As his camera panned over the Columbia Yacht Club marina, he recorded the shot of a lifetime.

Although lightning had struck in the far distance, Minucci wasn’t expecting such an epic sight to occur.

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From the dark storm clouds, a massive bolt of lightning rips through the sky and strikes a small vessel directly in front of

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