WATCH: ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Protest Ends in Brawl with NYPD

WATCH: ‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Protest Ends in Brawl with NYPD

A protest at an entrance to Central Park in Manhattan Thursday night escalated into a brawl between police and Black Trans Lives Matter activists amid a series of weekly “Stonewall Protests.” Multiple monuments were graffitied prior to the violent incident.

Red paint meant to resemble blood was thrown on a Christopher Columbus statue late Thursday at a highly patrolled section of Central Park during the protest action, the Daily Mail reports. Protesters then moved on to tag the nearby monument for the USS Maine before “coming to blows” with NYPD officers working to control the scene, according to the report. As of Friday morning, at least two protesters were incarcerated though street footage shoes multiple officers wearing zip ties on their vests meant for quick apprehensions.

The identities or charging details of the two in custody remain undisclosed as of press time.

Several video capturing the apparent

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