WATCH: Black South African Arms Himself to Stop Looters

WATCH: Black South African Arms Himself to Stop Looters

Ariel Cohen interviewed a black South African who stressed that he was armed because “the township economy belongs to the ordinary people of the township,” therefore it must be protected.

The gentleman said, “If we have the dependency syndrome of always waiting for a savior to come and save the township, we will keep dilapidating the way we are currently.”

The armed man added, “We are saying we are in partnership and joint ops with law enforcement to ensure that what’s left of the township infrastructure, from an economy point of view, is protected…It is our responsibility to ensure that we protect it.”

Now that’s a man and future leader. 👏👏👏#SouthAfricaIsBurning #MaponyaMall #Soweto

— Ariel Cohen 🇿 (@thearielcohen) July 13, 2021

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The man stressed that normal police forces are “not enough” and “don’t have the capacity necessary” to fight back against the kind of looting

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