WATCH: Australian News Covers Biden Dementia!

WATCH: Australian News Covers Biden Dementia!

I have nothing but respect for Aussie media right now!

Australia has been hitting big tech, Democrats, and leftists HARD lately. First they tried to make Google and facebook pay for news, now they are telling the TRUTH about Biden.

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How can anyone seriously listen to this guy, and not at the very least suspect something is going on with his mental health?

Why are MSM outlets in America avoiding this whole thing like the plague?

I mean, I know the MSM here would do anything for Biden, and they have a pro-Biden agenda, but seriously, did anyone watch that CNN town hall?

How can they blatantly ignore that?! The whole thing was beyond the pale.

I can’t be the only one who heard that wild word salad he made when he was talking about China. Never mind WHAT he said it’s HOW he said it: all disjointed, and without proper syntax.

Take a look:

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