WATCH: Are Fathers Necessary? Dennis Prager Explains.

WATCH: Are Fathers Necessary? Dennis Prager Explains.

Are fathers necessary? In the latest 5-minute video for PragerU, founder Dennis Prager explains what, for all of recorded history before now, never needed to be explained at all. 

Prager points to the rise of “prestigious journals denying the importance of fathers” as his reason for coming out and clarifying the importance of fatherhood. For example, he points to multiple articles, including one article in the Huffington Post that flat-out rejects the importance of fathers with its headline: “Fathers Are Not Needed.”

“Fortunately, this dismissal of the importance of fathers is not universal,” says Prager, who notes that back in 2008, Senator Barack Obama, who grew up without a father, called fathers “critical” to the foundation of the family.

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But why, exactly, do boys and girls need to be raised with fathers? Prager explains: “A boy has no built-in understanding about how to be a man — meaning a good and responsible man. Male nature is wild — most obviously regarding sex and

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