WATCH: 'Anti-Fascist' Assaults Black Trump Supporter at MAGA March in D.C.

WATCH: 'Anti-Fascist' Assaults Black Trump Supporter at MAGA March in D.C.

Violence broke out at the Million MAGA March in Washington, DC, on Saturday morning as an “anti-fascist” appeared to backhand a Black Trump supporter. A scuffle ensued where punches were exchanged until police pulled the attacker out of the crowd.

Shortly before the scheduled start of the Million MAGA March Saturday morning, an anti-fascist shoved his way into the crowd of Trump supporters. During the confrontation, the anti-fascist, from Refuse Fascism, appeared to backhanded a Black Trump supporter, possibly striking him in the face, a video tweeted by News2Share co-founder Ford Fischer.

The #MillionMAGAMarch is officially starting in about half an hour, but violence has already broken out.

I’ll have a complete recording up later, but @RefuseFascism came to protest and was physically pushed out by Trump supporters. Some fighting ensued.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) November 14, 2020

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Shortly after the attack on the Black man, more

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