WATCH: ACLU Attorney: 'Absolutely Fair' for Trans 'Women' to Compete with Girls

WATCH: ACLU Attorney: 'Absolutely Fair' for Trans 'Women' to Compete with Girls

In a discussion with Yahoo Finance, a man living as a woman and a woman who is living as a man said it is fair for transgender ‘women’ to compete against biological women and that claims otherwise are “overblown.”

“The idea of trans dominance is completely overblown,” Chase Strangio, who starting living as a man in college, said. “It’s a myth.”

Strangio, who is an attorney with the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), called the wave of state legislation to try to protect female athletes in high school and college from unfair transgender competition “discrimination.”

When asked about Lauren Hubbard, a transgender “woman” and weightlifter from Australia who hopes to compete in the Summer Olympics in Japan, Strangio said the laws of the transgender sport in 10 states make it harder for a trans fourth grader to play sports than a trans-Olympian.

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Strangio called the sports legislation

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