WashPost: 'Centrist' Biden Trapped by Pro-Migration Ideologues

WashPost: 'Centrist' Biden Trapped by Pro-Migration Ideologues

President Joe Biden’s activist deputies are pushing for an increasingly “ideological” immigration policy, according to a report in the Washington Post.

“The basic tools of immigration enforcement — detention, deportation and strict bans on who can enter — remain … unacceptable to former activist leaders who now hold key positions in the White House,” the newspaper reported July 17.

Biden is “in a vise, caught between the [politically] costly reality of a historic border influx and supporters who erupt in anger when his administration hints at tighter controls,” the article claims.

Amid the rising cross-border inflow, Biden is looking for ways to improve his sinking migration polls, the newspaper reported:

The official, who maintains close ties to the Biden team, described the president as “super concerned” about the political ramifications of the tumult at the border. “He knows the damage this can do and what a gift

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