Washington state traps its first murder hornet

Washington state traps its first murder hornet

Just when you thought they were gone… they came buzzing back in.

Washington has finally managed to trap its first live murder hornet — months after the invasive species was first spotted in the state, officials announced Friday.

The jumbo stinger was captured in a bottle trap near Birch Bay on July 14 and identified earlier this week as an Asian giant hornet, the Washington State Department of Agriculture said in a statement.

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“This is encouraging because it means we know that the traps work,” Sven Spichiger, managing entomologist for the department said. “But it also means we have work to do.”

Now, scientists are racing against the clock. They will need to tag as many live hornets as possible and then follow them home to find the rest of the colony.

The plan is to eradicate the colonies before the hornets begin to mate and reproduce in mid-September.

“Destroying the nest before new queens emerge and mate will

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