Washington State Mandates Critical Race Theory In All Public Schools

Washington State Mandates Critical Race Theory In All Public Schools

As several states move to ban toxic critical race theory from indoctrinating students, the state of Washington is leaning in.

The race-obsessed framework isn’t relegated to schools in Seattle, where you’d expect a victim-centered ideology like critical race theory to flourish. Thanks to the state’s Democrat-controlled legislature, a trio of bills just signed into law mandates critical race theory training for all public school teachers. Another even requires training for medical students, teaching them it’s as essential to be social justice activists as it is to treat patients.

While the critical race theory mandates go into effect in the 2022-2023 school year, many districts are already jumping on board. The Issaquah School District vows it will fight racism by “identifying and removing bias and systemic and institutional barriers that create marginalization,” while Bellingham Public Schools pushes training to guarantee “inclusive education” for students.

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At Seattle Public Schools, they’ve even developed a “Racial Equity Team,” a group of far-left educators seeking

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