Washington Post: ‘Joe Biden’s Catholicism Is All About Healing’

Washington Post: ‘Joe Biden’s Catholicism Is All About Healing’

The Washington Post has published another glowing essay fawning over Joe Biden’s purportedly “devout” Catholic faith as a source of healing for America.

Joe Biden presents the image of “a devout, churchgoing liberal,” writes Michelle Boorstein in Tuesday’s article. “The country will soon observe for the first time a president who goes to Mass every Sunday, plus on Catholic feast days, and sprinkles conversation casually with scripture, religious hymns and references to religious history.”

Ms. Boorstein notes, on the other hand, that millions of U.S. Catholics “don’t even see him as a legitimate Catholic at all, because of his support for abortion access and LGBT equality.”

Nonetheless, “Biden could redefine what it means to be a Catholic in good standing,” Boorstein proposes hopefully, since his version of Catholicism is “less tied to doctrine.”

Catholic pro-life leaders have denounced the Catholic Bishops Conference for congratulating abortion supporter Joe Biden. https://t.co/8kCwu07CJM

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