Washington, and our relationship to it, need reorienting

Washington, and our relationship to it, need reorienting

After Wednesday, people are wondering what’s next: for the end of Trump’s presidency, for the republic, for voters, for the Republican Party.

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson has been thinking about it, having asked on his Thursday program, “So what is life going to be like for us on Jan. 20?” he asked, continuing, “Donald Trump thinks almost exclusively about Donald Trump, but so does almost every single Democrat and Republican in the Congress. Who’s got your concerns top of mind? Who wakes up in the middle of the night worried about your family?”

Presumably, you, the reader, the listener, do.

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Naturally, it is the duty, the sacred responsibility, of elected officials to take with them to Washington the concerns of their constituents as preeminent priorities. Though the way in which Carlson personalizes these questions, suggesting that a president or representative should be (or was ever) waking up over your family, reflects the almost spiritual disorientation that ails

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